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  • Tales from Track Center. Part One

    Tales from Track Center. Part One

    Many things in my life lead up to becoming a team mechanic. Too many pieces fell into place to really make a point with my skill as a writer. A more succinct explanation is to give you context into how it became possible. The biggest and most important thing in my mind is the addition of A women’s team endurance event to the track cycling program at the Olympics. Everything that came after, at least for me, was a result of this.
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  • From the Blues to Sunshine

    From the Blues to Sunshine

    You’re committing your time, body, mind and spirit to reaching this height. You have drive and clarity of vision. Hours, days, months and sometimes years of hard work and dedication. Then, all of a sudden, it’s all gone. Vanished into thin air. 
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  • Getting over the Post Race Blues

    Getting over the Post Race Blues

    You have just completed a major goal, but what comes next? All that planning, work and dedication has seen you accomplish something you can be proud of, but where do you go from here?
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  • Breaking Airports, how to fly with your bike

    Breaking Airports, how to fly with your bike

    Behind the scenes of Professional Cycling.  Sure, I sat in the back of the team car, ran to a rider with a flat. I pulled riders out of pileups and worked on bikes late at night under a headlamp. These moments were plentiful but not the real job. The real job was packing bikes and fighting airports. I could honestly say it occupied 25% of all worked hours. Packing bikes, battling airports, and unpacking bikes.
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  • Finding your Inner Dragon

    Finding your Inner Dragon

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    I would encourage you to reflect internally when you have a difficult situation. There probably is an easy way out, but that will gnaw away at you once you take it and after the fact you will wonder why you didn’t persevere.
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