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Built on the cutting-edge SPEEDPLAY Pedal System, POWRLINK ZERO single-sided power pedal delivers reliably accurate power and cadence data in a race-proven pedal system. This powerful combination creates an unrivaled power pedal that helps cyclists optimize performance by providing the visibility, adjustability and efficiencies needed to break through to the next level. Pair with the Wahoo ecosystem of smart devices for a more full picture of your data and performance, and to track, analyze, share and improve. +/- 1% POWER ACCURACY Lab tested accuracy that provides a precise power measurement for all training efforts. LEFT POWER With a single-sided power sensor, your left side power is tracked and doubled to estimate total power output no matter where you are crushing watts. CADENCE With its internal gyroscope, POWRLINK ZERO reports out cadence data to help you identify your sweet spot effort and power output. EASY APP SET-UP Our simple and intuitive Wahoo Fitness app offers guided instructions on how to install POWRLINK ZEROs on any bike, calibrate the pedals for accuracy, and perform firmware updates. DUAL-BAND ANT+ AND BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY POWRLINK ZERO can simultaneously connect to three Bluetooth devices while broadcasting to an unlimited number of ANT+ devices. ENHANCED WALKABILITY The slim profile cleat and rubber texture create enhanced stability when walking in your road shoes off the bike. INTEGRATED PROFILE POWRLINK ZERO and the SPEEDPLAY Standard Tension Cleat create a secure connection and a streamlined profile. The two form a seamless integration that aids power transfer and increases aerodynamics. 3-AXIS ADJUSTABILITY The cleat can be positioned on the bottom of the shoe and adjusted fore-aft, left-right and rotationally, allowing between 0-15 degrees of float. ROTATIONAL FREE FLOAT POWRLINK ZERO power meter pedals provide up to 15 degrees of float, allowing the heel to pivot around the center of the pedal. This range of motion in the foot, lower leg and knee increases comfort and enhances pedal efficiency. SUPERIOR CORNERING CLEARANCE We've adapted the best-in-class corner clearance of SPEEDPLAY Advanced Pedal System into POWRLINK ZERO. This pedal and cleat integration allows for a large degree of lean on the bike when riding tight corners. Pedal with confidence knowing your pedal won't strike the ground and leave the competition in the dust. EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY POWRLINK ZERO pedals offer uncompromised durability and minimal maintenance thanks to their stainless steel construction and triple-sealed bearing system. TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION POWRLINK ZERO is tested and proven to provide accurate power data across changing temperatures that you are sure to encounter while riding. RECHARGEABLE BATTERY Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, POWRLINK ZERO power pedals have a battery life up to 75 hours. STANDARD TENSION CLEAT POWRLINK ZERO pedals include a set of Standard Tension Cleats and cleat surrounds for an aerodynamic profile and walkable system. EASY TENSION CLEAT Looking for even easier unclipping? POWRLINK ZERO is compatible with our Easy Tension Cleat , which can be purchased separately.