Rachel Nicol Biography

Kinesiologist, Swim & Altitude Coach and Personal Trainer

Rachel is a swim, altitude chamber and strength coach. She also enjoys working in the metabolic lab at TCR, as she recently graduated with a Master’s of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary in the Spring of 2022. Rachel has been an avid swimmer since a young age and has been on the National Swimming Team for Canada since 2015. She reached the Olympic stage in 2016 and most recently won bronze as part of a relay at the 19th FINA World Championships this past summer.

Rachel believes in a solid foundation when it comes to exercise. Learning the basics are imperative to gaining confidence and allowing individuals to not only function optimally in everyday life, but also progress to greater heights in whatever activity they take part in. She believes in research and evidence-based programs with a holistic approach, centered around building self-efficacy and life-long healthy habits in clients.

In her spare time Rachel volunteers on the Office of the Sport Integrity Commissioner – Sport Environment Assessment Group and the High Performance Athlete Advisory Council for Swimming Canada. Outside of TCR, swimming and volunteering Rachel enjoys sleeping, eating and spending time with her two black cats (Link [The Legless Wonder] and Sabbath [The Toothless Wonder]).