Petrina Tulissi Biography

Cycling Coach

Petrina competed in elite sports for over 15 years and has been coaching cyclists, triathletes and para athletes for over 25 years. She has won provincial road championships, a national tandem track cycling title, and competed in pro races, but watching her athletes gain confidence on the road, in their packs, and in their abilities is the best reward of all! It’s common to hear β€œI thought I knew how to ride a bike until I met you!” as her attention to the little things helps increase efficiencies as she teaches tips and tricks to help you speed towards your goals.

We could list her years of schooling, coaching certifications, time spent with national teams and world champions, but she will more likely steer you towards conversation of traveling the world by bike, finding hidden gems and bemusements on cycling adventures, and searching for the best treats with which to re-fuel.