Online Personal Training at TCR

Online Personal Training at TCR

Author Cory Fagan

Let Us Help You Move Better

At TCR we like to incorporate all aspects of fitness in your training. Part of that training is proper movement and strength. To be strong weather it is on the bike, running or everyday life you need to start with good foundations of movement and an awareness of your body. Our strength Coaches John and Bri use a lot of different techniques such as the functional movement screen and corrective exercises to help you learn how to move efficiently and strong. Decreasing the chance of injury and help you along the way to making your goals.

There are so many benefits to strength training and moving well

    • Increase muscle mass – results in greater burning of fat though the day
    • Adapt joints and bones to handle more stress
    • Decrease any back or joint pain
    • Can help decrease the risk of Cardiovascular or metabolic disease

Here are a few options to help you get started for strength training

  1. Online Functional Strength Class
  • Delivered through the Zoom App
  • Instructed by Bri and focused on stability, mobility, andstrength for real life
  1. Weekly online program delivery of ONE workout a week $25+GST a week sold in 4 weeks min to start – Just like Block Coaching
  • Clients will be set up with a basic Training Peaks account
  • This will include a PDF workout delivered though Training Peaks
  • Clients can then video and upload video back onto training peaks for feed back
  1. Multiple weekly online program TWO to THREE unique workouts a week- Energy Coaching Program $220+GST a month
  • Clients will be set up with a Premium Training Peaks account
  • PDF workouts delivered through Training Peaks with some supplemental Video how-to's
  • Clients can upload video files for feedback
  1. Remote Video Training sessions – to work with current clients this will use a regular one on one personal training session and pricing
  • This will be though FaceTime, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp – Clients choice of best way to communicate
  • Clients will also be sent a workout sheet PDF beforehand for reference

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