Keon Chiu Biography

Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer

Keon is a Registered Kinesiologist and CSEP Certified Personal trainer. He has a BSci in Kinesiology: Exercise and Health Physiology from the University of Calgary which was a program that was chosen due to his great interest in how the human body works and moves.

Being active was an integral part of his life socially and mentally and Keon is big on the concept of physical literacy which essentially encompasses how we learn to move and how it carries over in sport and activity. After getting his degree in Kinesiology, Keon decided that he wanted help others live actively by addressing individual limitations, such as rehabbing injuries and by focusing on building up essential movement skills to prevent injuries in the first place.

In his spare time, Keon likes to be outside hiking, or snowboarding but he has also started taking up Olympic Weightlifting with plans to compete and see how far he can get with that.

Keon’s moto is that β€œyour goals are his goals as well.” Come chat with him and let’s get you started living your active life by moving right!