Personalized Coaching

The Value Of Being Coached

Author Cory Fagan

Personalized Coaching

I see a lot of athletes come through TCR and not everyone refers to themselves in that way… ‘athlete’… but you are.

If you have the dedication to do Computrainer, triathlon training, altitude or strength sessions, you are improving your overall health by taking charge and being active so regardless of whether or not you race, you are an athlete.

What I see too often though is confusion. There is so much information out there on what you ‘should’ do, most of it is contradictory and none of it is tailored around YOUR life. As a result folks often end up plateauing (best case) or burning out/getting injured (worst case).

That is where a “good” coach comes in and what we offer here at TCR.

We have a variety of coaching programs to match your needs and budget. For all coaching programs the starting point is you telling us what is important in your life, what your schedule and commitments (both work and personal) are, so we can build a customized plan around your needs.

I have worked with everyone in age from their 20’s to their 70’s, runners, triathletes, cyclists and folks who simply want a more active and healthier lifestyle and just need a little guidance to help them along in the right direction.

Contact us to chat more and start your personal journey!

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