The Power of the Pack

Author Cory Fagan

Training with others have been proven over and over again to yield better results for the majority of people. Not only does it push you just that little bit harder knowing your teammates are right there with you, but it also builds the sense of camaraderie on a team. It is also purposeful for the mental aspects as well. Humans are social creatures and some friendly competition and banter make the training session more enjoyable. By Brianna

I am a big believer in being kind to your inner self! We have enough stress in our daily lives that exercise should not be a form of personal punishment. I love group exercise and how it brings you to new levels of performance by the sheer presence of another person. So, thank-you to all of you who sit beside me in classes! Without you, there would be no exercise and definitely no effort! By Cory

The power of training together in a group is undeniable, not only in terms of what you physically achieve, but in terms of the psychological boost to your mood! Even joining our zoom classes has proven powerful over the last 2 years - so many clients have commented that they wouldn't have pushed so hard if they were on their own and even having someone the other side of the screen helped. But of course in person is next level so come and join us for a class, friendly competition and camaraderie 😀 By Selina

As much I enjoy training alone, there is something to be said for group training. I do find I can always push a little bit harder when I have other people watching me and/or training with me. By Jordan

Nothing compares to training in a group, it can get you motivated to just show up, finish an interval or push that little bit harder during the workout. You can only spend so much time training on your own before motivation starts to go down, and that group atmosphere is what I need to keep the riding on track. By John

When cyclists think about destinations for Winter training, Calgary probably isn't at the top of anyone's list. There's no better way to survive our long winter season than working out in group. It's a guaranteed way to keep you motivated to find new levels of fitness over the winter. By Tim

The power of sport, in my eyes, is the building of community. Community supports us when we are down, cheers us on to go farther and faster, makes us laugh, catches our tears, and listens. Being in a pack is part of human nature, an important part, and sport brings together people of different backgrounds, cultures, careers, phases of life, and perspectives. It is this diversity that creates strength, holds us up, challenges us, and brings joy. Thank you for welcoming me in to your community. By Petrina

The TCR Team

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