Bike Fit Education

Bike Fit Education

Author Cory Fagan

More Than a Bike Fit

Every bike fit at TCR is a little different and that is why we have a great reputation for fitting bikes. The fit starts with a discussion about what you want your bike to be how you like your current bike, your history (injury, experience, fitness etc.). A quick movement assessment and body measurements follow that. Finally we get to the fun stuff you get to hop on our DynamicFit Unit where once we get you on the bike you don’t have to get off it’s all controlled though the computer so the saddle position and handle bar position can change without you getting on and off the bike. You get to try what it feels like to be on a big bike or a small bike. Yes this sounds like every other system out there but where we differ is what happens while the Dynamic Fit Unit is moving all around. Starting with the basics, tweaks can be made and you get to learn more about the pedal stroke. Driving though the hips putting more power into the pedals keeping a good balance between posterior and anterior muscles of the leg, helping make the fit more comfortable. This helps put the saddle in an optimal position. Handle bar position is all about “FEEL”–what is comfortable for you. Where do the bars need to be that you feel stable, where you feel strong, where you feel comfortable, where you feel you can hang out all day! While the bars move around you get to learn how to hold our upper body to help you control the bike and have the most fun all day long. Every cyclist who walks away from our fit learns something. They walk away with some nugget of knowledge which will stick with them and make their riding experience better. It all starts with the basics making tweaks learning a little more about the pedal stroke and posture on the bike then getting out on the road and practicing those techniques to make you a better more comfortable rider.

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